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Erhard Meyer-Galow: Leben im Goldenen Wind. Berlin 2011

Herausgegeben von G. von Humboldt-Dachroeden in Abhandlungen von Mitgliedern · 10/10/2015 17:33:22
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Erhard Meyer-Galow: Leben im Goldenen Wind. Berlin 1. Aufl. 2011, 2. Aufl. 2015

Produktflyer zum Buch

Zur englischen Ausgabe schreibt Prof. Dr. Erhard Meyer-Galow:

This English Edition of Living in the Golden Wind is intended to guide you through

  • Practices,

  • Realizations and

  • Visualizations, which will promote personal revelations.

It is my intention that by sharing my experiences and insights with you I can assist in promoting a state
of enlightened joyfulness. From there I will guide you through practices which are structured to increase
your awareness, compassion and insight into the purpose of your existence.

Only as sentient humans can we experience the full meaning of our lives. You will learn to feel the
Golden Wind at every stage of your life, leading to compassionate empowerment.

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